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Medium   Intuitive

"Life's' most precious moments are the experiences we choose to have for

ourselves...the ones that are uniquely chosen by us, the experiences that

bring us insight and joy in living the journey of  our Human Life Experience "

Raven B. Dance


Raven has been a student of the Mysteries of the Soul Life from the age of ten.

A Spiritual Holistic Intuitive, and Contemporary Shaman she has assisted many through ‘Intuitive Channeled Readings’ and has brought Insight, Wellness, and Healing through potentialities and probabilities into each unique experience. Ravens' lifelong quest into all things Metaphysical as well as her profession as a Nurse, has provided her with Powerful Intuition , clear-sight, and the ability to connect with the Universal Mystery energies providing guidance to others. She specializes in providing clarity and helping the seeker in making solid decisions or forging new paths along life’s’ highway to the ‘magical and powerful insights that lay within!

Intensive studies have encompassed a M.A. in Metaphysics, Reiki Healing Facilitation, along with numerous other Spiritual Systems designed to bring Light to the sometimes chaotic conditions of our unique personal journey.

Raven believes in ‘empowering individuals’ through ‘free-will’ and ‘personal choice’ in finding

SOUL-U-TIONS to everyday concerns and is dedicated to helping each and every person maximize their lives, attain success, and strengthen the inner talents we each have.

Raven is a sought-after Intuitive Consultant whether in personal life,entrepreneurial & business and/or corporate settings.

                 Services & Energy Exchange

         Intuitive Medium


Raven offers ' Readings  for those that seek clarity in their professional &/ or personal lives

These 'Channeled 'readings are detailed, accurate and specific to any questions asked

Please note: Readings are for your individual interests only- please do not ask questions for others


         Group Sessions

Groups of 8-10

Raven offers 'Group 'Medium Readings and Parties for up to 10 people. These encounters bring much fun,revelatory moments and,magical discoveries.

Please Note: Cost for travel may be applied based on distance.

Special Events are available also

Important Note: Not everyone in the group will receive messages-Raven has no control over those that come through the 'Channeled Energies.


Spas / Wellness Centers

Spiritual Retreats

Shops & Businesses

Add a colorful & dynamic encounter for your clients/reps/employees & more. Invite Raven to be a guest speaker or, provide a one-to-one 'reading for them.

Please Note: Cost for travel may be applied based on distance.

Important Note: Not everyone in the group will receive messages-Raven has no control over the 'Channeled Energies.

Book Raven for your event now!

Email for details at


Entrepreneurs/Corporate Forecasts

Raven provides clients with clear & specific direction into ALL matters of management, HR hiring and any other business needs for future projects. Ravens' clear-sight into prospective opportunities & potentials is astute and saves time and money.

For insights into your next projected goals-email Raven:

Contracts available for monthly and quarterly forecasts.


Host ' Messages from Spirit Event

Raven provides messages from the Collective Energies of the Universe to those in the audience whose loved ones, wish to come across the veil.

Ravens' channeling provides messages from those that have transitioned as well as messages from the  Spiritual teams of Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels  and the frequencies of  Higher Divine Consciousness.

Those receiving messages receive information filled with Love, Guidance, & Insight.

Note: Not everyone will receive a message..Raven has no control on the energies that are able to communicate during these moments.

Please Note : Cost for travel may be applied based on distance

Contact Raven to Host an Event

Reiki Healing Facilitations

Raven is a Master Reiki Practitioner/Facilitator. These energy systems can promote Wellness, Balance, & Energy to  weak or depleted energy portals which promotes the healing of the Etheric & Physical bodies. She works with Archangel Raphael for all healing needs for the attunement of the Highest degree and the Healing of the Deepest wounds

These modalities can be done in presence and at a distance

‘I have received numerous sessions ranging from REIKI Facilitated Healing to communication with my deceased father. She has a depth of knowledge which makes for great discussions” Ben Stellino/BensLenz and author of ‘This Thing between Us’ Toronto

Ben Stellino Author "This Thing Between Us'

“I went to see ‘Raven for a REIKI Healing session after hearing nothing but good things about her. She is a very gifted lady who specializes in the Healing of the Soul” Terry Brown Music Producer, England & Toronto

Terry Brown Music Producer

‘I have been consulting with Raven for several years. Her gift is rare..I have met several people who offered similar services, but I have to say that meeting her one realizes the difference regarding the gifts she has. She has shared my past, present, and future as well as my ‘true personality and has been very accurate. I have heard nothing but rave-reviews and grateful comments from my clients’ Tonia Vuolo, Hair Stylist and Designer, Toronto

Tonia Vuolo Interior Designs



Readings & Reiki Facilitations

Distance Sessions with Raven

25 Mins Phone Session 60.00 Energy Exchange

45 Mins Phone Session 150.00 ''

In person @  Office-Same as Above

Gift Certificates-Same as Above

Sessions in English & French

Group Sessions/Spas-Wellness Retreats/Shops/Businesses

Host ' Event Messages from Spirit

Please contact Raven for further details and information

Entrepreneurs/Corporate Forecasts

For insights into your next projected goals-email Raven:

Contracts available for monthly and quarterly forecasts

Energy Exchange  as Above for Distance & In Person


These encounters/sessions/consultations are for your own personal interests, and any one person who chooses to have these encounters with Raven B. Dance shall be advised as such.

...Any information given during these sessions do not replace any professional advice either given before, during, or after requesting a ‘reading’. By confirming and accepting your appointed session you understand, accept, and agree to the following:

There is no guarantee of accuracy of my insights, and I am not responsible for the result of the session or, any actions taken by you. You the recipient are 100% responsible for any action taken, on your interpretation and assumptions made from the information, energy facilitation or insights transmitted to you during said session/encounter. This ‘session/readings’ does not in any way replace sound professional, medical, legal, or other professional advice given to you past, present or intended for the future.

The session ‘reading’ does not provide ‘prophecy’, or a guarantee of accuracy on information received. The session is meant to assist you, and guide you, in observing those ‘sign-posts’ around you, that can potentially bring clarity to a situation that you are seeking....YOU have free-will.

By your acknowledgement and acceptance of the said session, you release Raven B. Dance from any/all legal responsibilities for the information gained (and intended for your use) during the friendly sharing & exchange, through these energy  frequency‘readings’.

Energy/Spirit Guides/Akashic- Record Past-Life Reports

Energy Report-Covers blocks/attachments Health &Wellness of Energy Portal Chakras/Aura

Spirit Guides-The Divine Spiritual entities-The Collective Universal Energies that Watch/Guide/Assist in your everyday life.

Akashic & Past Life - What strengths, & attributes, you've brought with you from past-lives, along with those challenges you were able to correct and move on from.

All of these reports are channeled and sent directly to your email with total confidentiality for your own personal Higher Knowledge.

Each Report has an Energy Exchange of 150.00

Cancellation Policy

Full refund will be issued upon cancellations within 48 hrs of appointed date and time.

Cancellations received in less than 48 hrs will not be reimbursed.

No refunds for Gift Certificates.( they can be transferred but not refunded )

The Blog


Jan 13 2019


* Do you need a picture, birth date, or another point of reference to do an ‘Email Reading’?

* Because of our human judgment, it is easy to get caught up in a picture or, the generality of a birth date, this way there is no judgment, I work with the energies /frequencies of the name that comes across my lap-top with the question or questions being put forth....the name of the person who is requesting the service is all I require, and what’s wonderful about it, is that I can help anyone in the world!

* - Can we ask questions regarding others using their names?

*It is preferable that if these individuals have questions of their own they contact me directly. A ‘Reading’ is a helpful tool to allow an individual to confirm their Souls’ inner promptings-so, they are the best people to ask the questions.

*How do you proceed to receive your answers for specific questions?

* While Channeling I ask Universal Oneness to bring me the answers the person/individual needs at this time to clear the path, to have more understanding of their immediate challenges and the options that are open to question is taboo.

*- Do you use Angels, Guides, or Beings of Light to help you with Channeling?

*I use the Universe’s Great ALL Knowing Energies which includes any/all Energies of Light that co-exist with us on a daily basis...Its presence is made available to me when... I ASK!

*- Can you contact those who have crossed over to the other side if it’s requested by the person asking the questions?

* I can ask, however that does not mean they are readily available to respond.....I usually allow them to come to me I rarely go and seek them out....just think about it....if they have just crossed over, most, just want to be back home and rest, .......‘if they have something of real importance to give, they usually will give some sign of presence and often-times when it is important...they don’t let-up!

*- What makes you different from other Clairvoyant Mediums?

* My abilities lie in my intention to use what was given to me, with Divine Guidance

* I have chosen to Guide and Direct with Love, Compassion. And Universal Wisdom- that’s what gets my juices flowing I’m UNIQUE. In that way... Just as you are unique in your own talents - not different, I have chosen to see Universal Oneness in all things and work with the Universal Wonders that invisibly surround us. I use my innate gifts of Clear-Sight ‘Clairvoyance’, and my ‘Spiritual Compass’ to assist you in moving forward on your own spiritual journey!

*I will treat your questions with the careful consideration you deserve-clearly and honestly with wise universal 'readings will leave you feeling empowered and ready to make the best decisions and choices in these moments of indecision!

Raven B. Dance

The Goal of Mindfulness

June 11 2021

'The goal of any mindfulness technique is to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgement –it allows the mind to refocus on being here in the present moment and releasing the energies of any circumstances, and possible outcomes for the future. All mindfulness techniques are a form of contemplation/meditation, which balances our physical and mental systems allowing us to become aware of the NOW...AND ITS POWER!

Mindfulness helps us to take a moment to pause, notice our own thoughts, and enhance our awareness of those thoughts and feelings, practicing how to live in the moment and rekindle joy and appreciation for life....taking in the BREATH of Life!'

Benefits of Deep Breathing

July 11 2021

Here are some of the extraordinary benefits of deep breathing:

•Affects your mental state by giving you more concentration, focus, clarity, alertness and can assist in memory retention.

•During anger or pain,( or a thought of these occurring ) our muscles tense up;-learning how to deep breath can lessen/reduce the severity and stress of these reactions.

•It will reduce stress and raises ‘good hormones like endorphins and serotonin and lengthens telomeres ( which allows cells to retain youthfulness)

•Stimulates the brain to calm down and relax.

•Helps and assists in digestion and can reduce acidity in the body-the cause of many serious illnesses like Cancer.

•Assists in weight-loss-an increase in 02 that extra 02 helps in burning extra accumulated fat deposits in the body.

•Better Sleep- calmness bring about relaxation and relaxation can induce sleep.

•Deep breathing is a natural pain killer-through the removal of concentrated toxins still in the body fresh 02 will provide and promote better blood flow by stimulating the lymphatic system which detoxifies the body.

Here is an easy practice anyone can do called the 4-7-8

1.Close your mouth and inhale quietly through the nose to a mental count of – 4.

2.Hold that breath to a count of – 7.

3.Exhale completely to a count of -8

This counts as one breath.

Life Guidance Consulting



Email Address


Please note, upon receiving your information please allow for a 3-5 day turnaround.

You will be contacted by email at the email you provide.

For further information please contact;

Have anything you would like me to BLOG on-send it along to my email-Thanks

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